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The Consultant -Pulmonology plans, directs, administers and supervises patient care activities for Pulmonology patients in accordance with Ministry of Health regulations, Hospital Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and Internal Medicine Department Policy and Guidelines. Reports on matters relating to patient care division to the MD through the Clinical Director.


    Operational Duties

  1. Provides Inpatient and Outpatient consultations to patients with symptoms or history of lung diseases and conditions such as emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc
  2. Receives referrals and consultations from other disciplines for breathing problems
  3. Utilizes clinical privileges for admission of patients, examination, treatment and performing procedures
  4. Examines patients for symptoms indicative of breathing disorders or lung disease, using medical instruments and equipment.
  5. Prepares and reviews case histories and clinical records of patients and plans treatment and medical management options
  6. Recommends or orders tests such as, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and clinical laboratory tests to determine extent of illness
  7. Interprets test results and evaluates examination findings, analyzes records and reports to diagnose patients' condition
  8. Prescribes/ administers treatment, therapy, medication and other specialized medical care to treat diseases or conditions
  9. Monitors patients' conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as necessary
  10. Manages record keeping, patient charts and all required patient and Hospital records as needed

    Patient Care

  11. Considers the patient’s safety as the first priority while working.
  12. Includes the patients in discussions concerning appropriate diagnostic and management procedures.
  13. Assesses, plans, implements and evaluates patient care needs.
  14. Maintains a work environment that promotes high standards for patient care and ethical behavior.
  15. Participates regularly with other department staff, in decision-making related to patient care

  16. Compliance with Medical Ethics
  17. Ensures implementation of the standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field of Pulmonology.
  18. Exhibits appropriate personal and interpersonal professional behavior; practices medicine ethically and stays consistent with the obligations of a physician.
  19. Respects the opinions of Consultants, fellow Specialists and referring Physicians in the management of patient problems; provides means whereby differences in opinion can be discussed and resolved.
  20. Recognizes limits of personal skills and knowledge by appropriately consulting other Physicians while caring for the patient.
  21. Shows a pattern of maintaining current personal clinical skills and knowledge by continuing medical education.

    Other Duties

  22. Provides leadership and participates in organizational performance improvement activities
  23. Provides teaching materials as part of the professional development of the Department staff.
  24. Plans for the provision of orientation, in service and continuing education programs, along with other consultants of the department
  25. Attends regularly scheduled meeting for the improvement of patient care services and delivery
  26. Accepts all other additional assignments found necessary by the Clinical Director- Internal Medicine


  1. Visiting & NMH Doctors/Physicians
  2. Heads of Departments
  3. Nursing/Reception Staff
  1. Patients and their Relatives & Friends
  2. Business Representatives / Professional Agencies
  3. General Public
Education :
  • Bachelors’ Degree in Medicine followed by specialized training in Pulmonology. Membership/ Fellowship (of the Royal College desired) and/or MD Degree in relevant specialty. Trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) is desired
Licensing:Valid License from Ministry of Health-Kuwait to practice as a Pulmonology Consultant
Experience :Preferably 12 years’ experience with minimum 7 years’ experience post Fellowship/Membership or MD in Pulmonology
Other Skills
Management Skills :Problem Solving, Decision Making , Teaching, Counselling and Critical Thinking skills; Attention to detail and a Team Player
Soft Skills :Excellent Communication and Inter-personal skills
Computer Skills ::MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Internet and Hospital MIS
Language Skills:Good in written and spoken English, Arabic is an advantage
  • Works primarily in an air conditioned, well-lighted and comfortable health care facility, while also exposed to infections and close contact with the patients.
  • Subject to unpredictable or crisis situations
  • May have to work long hours, in shifts and be available on call to deal with medical emergencies.
  • Occasionally involves prolonged standing/walking, lifting supplies/equipment.