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The Cyto. Technician-Laboratory performs processing of specimens for cytological microscopic evaluation, help in patient diagnosis by preparing and staining slides that contain cell samples or various bodily fluids, appropriately, following established standards and practices.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES ( OR, MRD & Clinical - Hands On Training )
1. Accessions and processes Non-Gynecologic specimens and Thinprep /or Surepath specimens for microscopic evaluation.
2. Responsible for assigning accession numbers, Thin Prep Processing, Surepath processing, running the strainers, changing reagents, and cover slipping.
3. Performs all aspects of non-gynecological specimen processing.
4. Examines tissue samples under a microscope in search of cellular abnormalities.
5. Notifies patient care unit and/or physician of all critical test values
6. Involved in performing RNA or DNA testing.
7. Handles needles, assists during FNA procedure for the preparation of smears for stat staining and evaluation by a pathologist.
8. Performs quality control checks maintaining accurate documentation and records. Adheres to proper patient identification protocols.
9. Requests and orders supplies as necessary to keep materials on hand at all times
10. Disposes of biohazardous waste materials, and maintains chemical waste storage areas
11. Operates equipment safely and carefully while complying with policies and procedures regarding Department operations, fire, safety, and infection control
12. Responsible for preventative maintenance and cleaning of equipment in assigned area. Performs troubleshooting, repair, and modification when necessary.
13. Maintains required records, reports and statistics as per policy.
14. Handles telephone communications with courtesy, accuracy and respect for confidentiality
15. Attends departmental committee meetings as required
16. Liaises with other departments, physicians and administration as appropriate, to collaborate in patient care activities
17. Implements Ministry of Health rules and regulations, Accreditation Canada, Joint Commission International (JCI) standards related to his/her work area as directed
18. Performs all other additional assignments as requested by the Chief Technician, Clinical Pathologist and Clinical Director.
Experience : 4 years’ experience