Women association event Press release - Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Women association event Kuwait  hospital New Mowasat.JPG

From the inside - out; health, wellness and beauty were on the agenda for a group of business and professional women last night. A group of 50 women attended a presentation and discussion on Menopause, Osteoporosis and Cosmetic Surgery. New Mowasat Hospital physicians Dr. Nahed Hammadieh, Consultant OBGYN/IVF; Dr. Samer Abdullah, Consultant and head of the Rheumatology and Physical Medicine Department and Dr Peter Hirsch, Consultant and head of the Cosmetic Surgery Center talked about prevention as a major factor in maintaining one's health. Dr. Nahed stressed that during menopause quality of life does not have to change. Various forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) are available ensuring women that therapy can be personalized. Dr. Samer Abdullah reminded the group that Osteoporosis can be identified in a fifteen minute, non-invasive test. While not curable, osteoporosis is very easily treatable through exercise, medication, calcium supplements and vitamin D. A new cosmetic surgery center has opened at New Mowasat and Dr. Peter Hirsch, has just joined the team. He presented several mini and major options for improving the impact of years on the face. From botox to surgery there is a wide range of choice for rejuvenating one's skin and tone. New Mowasat Hospital is the oldest private hospital in Kuwait, and has achieved recognition for delivery of care through Accreditation Canada.