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  • Yousef Ben Hamoud Street,

    P.O. Box 6661, Salmiya 22077,Kuwait

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Senior Specialist of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Ph.D. Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Cairo, Egypt.
  • Associate Professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology - Cairo, Egypt
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  • Fellow of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Gut and Liver Diseases.
  • Fellow of the American Association of Live Diseases
Scope of Services:
  • Managing all Internal Medicine Problems Especially that of Esophagus, Stomach, Intestine, Colon, Liver and Pancreatico-biliary System
  • Managing Infectious and Tropical Gut and Liver Diseases
  • Follow-up Chronic Liver Diseases and Liver Transplantation Patients
  • Screening for and Early Detection of Digestive Organs Cancer Mainly Colorectal and Liver Cancer
  • Performing the Following Digestive Endoscopy Techniques:
    • Endoscopy Examination of Esophagus, Stomach and Duodenum
    • Endoscopy Examination of Colon
    • Endoscopy Therapy for Gut Bleeding Lesions as Bleeding Ulcers, Vascular Anomalies and Bleeding Varices
    • Management of Swallowing Difficulty Through Dilation or Inserting Stent (tube)
    • Extraction of Foreign Bodies.
    • Removal of Polyps
    • Inserting Different Stents for Stomach, Small Intestine or Colon Obstruction
    • Measuring Gut Acidity and Mobility
    • Performing Endoscopy Examination of Biliary and Pancreatic System (ERCP), with Removal of Stones and Worms or By–passing Obstructions Through Placing Stents
    • Conducting Capsule Endoscopy
    • Measuring Gut Acidity and Motility for Reflux Disease or Constipation