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Osteoporosis Facts & Myths



Health awareness and patient education event was organized by New Mowasat Hospital, by the Orthopedic Surgery for educating on Osteoprosis facts and myths. The topic was presented by the Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Tarek Abdel Tawab who pointed that Osteoporosis is a silent disease; patients usually don’t know they suffer fromit until they have fractures.

Osteoporosis means porous bones; bones that are not as dense and strong as they should be, thus making them easier to compress and break. Visible symptoms include spine deformities, such as 'dowager's hump', and decreasing height. But the primary concern with osteoporosis is the relative ease with which fractures occur particularly debilitating ones like hip fractures.

Dr. Abdel Tawab described that it is incorrect that only women get osteoporosis ;
although there are many women who develop this condition, there’s also a very significant portion of men who have this disease. He clarified that Osteoporosis is not normal part of aging; but it is due to the lose bone density with aging It’s important to detect and prevent the osteoporosis in order minimize the opportunities of having broken bones , since osteoporosis has no symptoms, most people are not aware that they have it until something happens, like a bone fracture.
The most common method of measuring bone density is a DEXA scan, which is a painless X-ray of hip and spine.