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Baby-Friendly Hospital



While we feel that New Mowasat Hospital (NMH) is a friendly place for babies and mothers, NMH has now decided to seek official recognition of that status. 

New Mowasat Hospital is preparing the hospital to meet the standards set by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and World Health Organization (WHO) and to be certified as aBaby-Friendly Hospital”. UNICEF has been reviewing hospitals since 1991 and based upon stringent criteria, awards hospitals meeting their standards as being Baby-Friendly. 

In line with the global strategy, the initiative supports exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, with timely, adequate, safe and appropriate complimentary feedings while continuing breastfeeding for two years and beyond. 

Mr. Nauman Sehgal, Chief Operating Officer and Hospital Director stated that New Mowasat Hospital staff are familiar with the practice and they have undergone a series of in-house training sessions to embrace the genuine concepts of natural child rearing into day-to-day clinical practice. Thus we will be moving in line with the global strategy of infant and young child feeding to improve – through optimal feeding – the nutritional status, growth and development, health and thus the survival of infants and young children. 

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), Kuwait has rendered a formal 20-hour training course to the hospital staff. The aim of this course is that every staff member will confidently support mothers with early and exclusive Breastfeeding and that this facility moves towards achieving baby-friendly designation. Breastfeeding Promotion Committee –MOH, Kuwait has extended their total support for this purpose. 

Mr. Christopher Booher, Hospital Administrator, and Dr. Abdulwahab Alawadhi, Assistant Hospital Administrator, have detailed that the hospital has a dedicated team including doctors and nurses working to achieve 100% Baby-Friendly strategy. 

Mrs. Accamma Abraham, Assistant Director of Nursing, has noted that a team of nursing staff has pledged to provide the maximum comfort to the pregnant women and to the youngest citizens. The team renders free Child Birth Education classes to all women who visit our OB/GYNE clinics. The NMH Child Birth Education and Breastfeeding Facilitators provide these patient education classes in a relaxed and friendly, but confidential atmosphere through the use of easily understood visual aides. The classes are delivered one-to-one or in group sessions for couples/clients. 

All women who deliver in New Mowasat Hospital are supported by nurses throughout the stay to breastfeed their babies. Our motto is that the Breastfeeding is established before they are discharged from the hospital. Also, the mother will be followed-up until she is comfortable at home with herself and the baby. A support group also functions in the hospital and can be contacted at anytime after discharge from the hospital. Our contact no. is 572-6666 extension 1223 or mobile no.  984-1892.


You may also e-mail us to cbe@newmowasat.com