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International Visiting Program Mar2009 announces Dr. Uwe Visit


Recent trends in minimal invasive procedures of the lumbar spine.

Minimally invasive techniques have given rise to a whole new range of technology aimed at reducing surgical trauma. The techniques of minimally invasive and less invasive spinal surgery (MISS and LISS respectively) have earned a permanent place in the operative treatment of the spine. In essence, minimally invasive spine surgery involves operating through small incisions, usually with the aid of endoscopic or microscopic visualization. Minimally invasive spine surgery are
• gentle
• quick
• efficient
• economical.

The advantages are
• low blood loss
• small skin incisions
• reduced postoperative pain
• minimal damage to skin and muscles
• faster and better rehabilitation
• faster return to normal activities

The ventral spine can be treated with the aid of special retractor systems and modern implants, operating with endoscopic assistance or entirely endoscopically. The dorsal spine can be accessed from the dorsal side, either percutaneously or with the aid of special retractor systems. Minimally invasive techniques are especially valuable in disorders of the lumbar spine involving degenerative change. We have developed our own techniques for minimally invasive stabilization in degenerative disorders. These include procedures for repositioning vertebrae in cases of spondylolisthesis. Minimally invasive spinal surgery is currently used to treat herniated disks, spinal stenosis and spinal deformity.