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  • “Repeated Failure of IVF… Cause and Cure” Presented by: Dr. Nahed Hammadieh

“Repeated Failure of IVF… Cause and Cure” Presented by: Dr. Nahed Hammadieh

Infertility is a medical problem in which a couple is unable to become pregnant regardless of the cause after one year of trying. Sometimes infertility can be attributed to the female, the male, or both. In some cases, however, the cause is not known.
On March 13, 2010, Dr. Nahed Hammadieh, a Reproductive Medicine Specialist and Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant at New Mowasat Hospital, will be giving a lecture to the public on the repeated failures of IVF and its treatment. His lecture will also cover industry updates regarding IVF, diagnosis and treatment of reproductive immunology, and New Mowasat Hospital’s own experience in managing IVF cases.
In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a major treatment in infertility undergone by couples. It is a process by which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside of the womb to create an embryo. The embryo is then transferred into the woman’s womb to implant and develop naturally. The Assisted Reproduction and IVF Unit at New Mowasat Hospital has seen a pregnancy rate of 70% in the last two months for patients under 37 years old. The pregnancy rate for patients of all ages has been 46%, making the rates comparable with the best IVF unites in Europe and North America.
Dr. Nahed has had considerable experience in the field having worked and studied in the United Kingdom. He spent sixteen years of intensive research and clinical practice in the reproductive medicine and OB/GYN field. He then managed to secure highly sought after positions across the UK as a consultant Gynecologist and specialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, and well as becoming the lead clinician in the Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnoses at CARE Fertility, the UK’s leading fertility center.

Dr. Nahed Hammadieh’s lecture will address growing concern amongst patients regarding infertility and the treatment of IVF failure in Kuwait as well as abroad. The lecture will take place in New Mowasat Hospital’s auditorium at 7:30 PM.