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New Mowasat Hospital Participates in the Universities football tournament.





Offering students free gifts and discount coupons, New Mowasat hospital participates in the Universities’ football tournament


Proceeding from its eagerness to take part in all events that interests the community, New Mowasat hospital supported the universities’ football championship which was recently held in Kuwait University Stadium.

New Mowasat management offered the contributing students materialistic gifts in the form of discount coupons from the orthopedic, physiotherapy, cosmetic and dental centers. The hospital presented an emotive support as well through the provision of awareness leaflets about general health, how to maintain the proper body structure and useful information regarding most health centers, and practical instructions that concerns the players in particular.

On this occasion, Ms. May Roumani, New Mowasat marketing manager, said that the hospital considered the event an excellent chance to communicate with the new generation by encouraging them, raising their health awareness, and acquainting them with the latest services provided by the New Mowasat hospital and specifically ones related to the fields concerning sportsmen.

Ms. May Roumani also mentioned that NMH is always socially involved in various fields and specially sports activities, educational initiatives and important events’ sponsorships.

The marketing manager, Ms. Roumani, added that the hospital is proud to be a part of such a distinctive event especially for the co-participation of Kuwait University, Arab Open University, Middle East University, Gulf Petroleum, Sulaibikhat association, and Qadisiya association. Important personalities were also attendant in the event: sports activities’ administrator, president of Kuwait University,  president of the international stadium and a number of International referees.

Worth mentioning is that ever since it was established in 1965 as the first center for integrated medical care in the private sector in Kuwait, and for almost 50 years, New Mowasat is proud to be the first hospital accredited by both the Canadian Council on health services  accreditation (CCHSA) in August 2008, and the American accreditation from Joint commission internation (JCI) in November 2010.

Consistent with its leadership and stature as a center of excellence in healthcare, the hospital continues strengthing its numerous achievements and dedicates itself in this regard through the steady expansion of the scope of its services and the contiuous improvement of its medical care quality. Thus, New Mowasat hospital presents the  highest international healthcare standards for the community; citizens and residents alike.