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Arrival on the ward

i. What do you need to bring?

•  Civil ID or any personal identification if Civil ID not available.
• Admission letter from your treating doctor.
• Insurance card and civil ID ( for insured patient )
• Marriage contract (for delivery cases )
• Your current medications in their original containers.
• For cash patient , clients will be asked to deposit down payment either cash or by credit card

ii. What not to bring?

•  Person valuables &belongings: the hospital cannot be responsible for valuables that you keep in your possession. Leave all your jewelry, money (large sum) wallets & pursues at home for their safekeeping.

iii. Room and unit orientation

•  Admission nurse will orient the room.
•  All facilities and services for patient convenience – telephone, television, and news paper are usually available at the hospital.
•  Essential telephone numbers are available in the room.
•  Instruction on use of bed, nurses call system and smoking policy will be explained by the Registered Nurse.

iv. Home Medicines

•  Patient will be discharged with proper discharge information. Home medicine and follow-up appointment and Home Health Care service will be instructed by the nurse.
•  Some of the nursing procedures, which the patient may have to continue at home should be taught to him or family members who will be caring for him at home.
•  The patient should be given the explanations or instructions about his treatment, diet, exercises, medications, etc.
•  Instructions regarding further care, medication, treatment and follow-up should be clearly written and interpreted to the patient and to his family members.

v. Welcome Packs