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Visiting Hours

At New Mowasat Hospital , we realize how important it is to have family and friends play a part in the healing process. Exceptions to standard visiting hours can be made to accommodate what is best for each patient.
•  To decrease the chance of infection and ensure proper rest for all patients.
    Visiting hours are :
         1000 – 1200hr.
         1500 – 1700hr.
         2000 – 2300hr.
Note:Above visiting hours will not be applicable in case of reception party after delivery
•  Visitors may be required to leave the ward during ward rounds and patient treatment.
•  Only two visitors allowed at a time, not be applicable in case of reception party after delivery.
•  People with colds and infectious diseases should not visit.
•  Children (age fourteen and older) may visit with permission of the nurse. Younger children will not be permitted.
•  Patient sometimes feel that they are getting too much visitors. If there is a problem, then visitors should be restricted.
•  Surgical patients:
    •  Only immediate family members are allowed in the room.
    •  ICU is a restricted area due to the serious condition of patient admitted there. These patients need a lot of rest. Only two visitors are allowed at any one time during visiting hours.
    •  ICU visiting hours:  
0700 – 0900hr.
1700 – 2000hr.